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Jim’s First Book:

This book is dedicated to the children of all life, those living in the present
and those who will share our planet in the future.

An ELSI Publication — San Diego, California

Table of Contents

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Note to the Developing World


About the Author

The Author about the Author



Preface:  How this Book is Organized


Part One:  Our Present Predicament

Chapter I:  Deciding on a Goal

Part Two:  Seeing Things in a Different Light

Chapter II:  Spaceship Earth

Chapter III:  Econ-nomics:  Exposing the Myth
of Economy vs. Ecology

Chapter IV:  Econ-nomic Security and Population

Chapter V:  Econ-nomic Security and National Defense

Part Three:  Eco-nomically Integrated Planning

Chapter VI:  On our Finite Planet,
“Where” is it Appropriate to do “What?”

Part Four:  Eco-nomic Security and the
Human-Created Environment
Once We Know Where, How do we do the “What?”

Chapter VII:  Eco-nomic Security and Efficient Energy Use

Chapter VIII:  Eco-nomic Security and Renewable Energy

Chapter IX:  Eco-nomic Security and Water

Chapter X:  Eco-nomic Security and Agriculture

Part Five:  Toward a Sustainable Future

Chapter XI:  The Roles of Society

Chapter XII:  Achieving Eco-nomic Security — a Case Study


*ECO-NOMIC SECURITY — The condition in which all economic activities,
  individually and in concert, are conducted in ways that preserve
  the social and ecological foundation upon which they ultimately rest.

The term Eco-nomic Security is more or less interchangeable
with the term Eco-nomic Sustainability.

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