Step four: “True-Cost Pricing”

Step Four – Create a Real Free-Market Economy by Adopting “True-Cost Pricing” or “Cradle to Cradle Pricing”. Today, almost everything humans do causes human and life-support system harm. More precisely, it’s not so much about what we do, but about HOW we are doing it. The ways we support ourselves now depend on converting ever more renewable resources into nonrenewable and often, toxic trash, and in general, using renewable resources in ways that make them difficult to renew.

With true-cost-pricing or cradle-to-cradle pricing, the real cost of all products and services offered in the marketplace would be calculated by an independent unbiased body. This body would be charged with: + Determining the true-cost or cradle-to-cradle-cost of all marketplace offerings. + Calculating how much money should be added to each product’s/service’s retail price to cover paying for the health and life-support damage each product or service is causing or will eventually cause. This money will be held in reserve to pay for health and life-support system costs as they manifest. If products/services are ultimately determined to be human and life-support system benign, or even positive, no additional money would be added to their retail price.

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