Step Five: Reduce Population

Step Five – Reduce Population

The world’s women to freely choose to have an average of no more than two birth children during their reproductive lives. Since some women would choose to bear zero children and others only one, some women could bear three or more and still meet the average of two births per woman goal. If the average number of children born per woman was two worldwide, the world’s population would decline by ½% per year. This would mean that for every 1,000 deaths, there would be only 995 births. A ½% rate of population decline (shown as violet on the graph) would reduce the world’s population from 8.1 billion to around 2.7 billion people in 200 years. The world’s population around 1960 was 2.7 billion. Even if, for every 1,000 deaths there are only 999 births, the world’s population would decline, but at a much slower rate.

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