Over the past 100 years and especially during the past 50 years, the rapid rate of species extinctions has been, and is still being caused by past and ongoing human assaults; assaults on each other as in war and its preparation and assaults on our planet’s life-support system. It seems that the human family has become its own asteroid. Human beings have generally been hard on our planet’s life-support system. But prior to the 1800s, the world’s population was still relatively small and the human capacity to change the earth was limited to what human and animal power could accomplish.

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We are our own asteroid: Human activities are causing the extinction of an estimated 27,000 species of life per year

Some people believe that a life-support failure has already begun. They offer evidence that: + As of mid-2012, an estimated 15%, or 1/6, of the world’s population (more than one billion people) is malnourished or starving. Seventy percent of us (4.9 billion people) are unemployed or under-employed, have zero or next to zero access to healthcare and healthcare insurance, and are poorly nourished, clothed and housed. + Human activities are causing the extinction of an estimated 27,000 species of life each year. This corresponds to the rate of extinction around 65 million years ago when “the age of the dinosaurs” came to an end. There are a number of theories as to its cause, but a consensus of extinction event scientists is leaning toward it being caused by an asteroid as large as 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in diameter that struck the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico around the same time.

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Ultimately, choosing sustainability is about consciousness. If enough of us become conscious enough, it will be easy to create world peace and prosperity. It will be easy to leave our descendants a life-support sustaining world. Unfortunately, at our present average level of consciousness, our quest to become more conscious will be cut short if we continue to live and make livings in ways that hurt others and cause life-support system harm. This will result in a human and life in general dieback.* If serious enough, human extinction and even the extinction of life itself becomes a possibility. *(A dieback is a drastic drop in the population of any particular species of life, or life in general, over a relatively short time period.)

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A sustainable future

Hi, I’m Jim Bell, Since these words are going out to the world, we probably haven’t met until now. So whoever you are and wherever you live, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. I’m sending this out because I care. I believe that when enough of us care about the well-being of our descendants and theirs, it will be easy to create world peace and bring everything we do for work or play into prosperity and life-support system harmony. 

To share what I’ve discovered toward the above, I often use the San Diego/Tijuana Region, where I live, to show specific examples of how a particular region can become more life-support sustaining. The initial foundational focus for this region or any region is to become renewable energy, water and food self-sufficient. The more a region or even a country becomes self-sufficient in these essentials, the more it controls its economy and way of life. The specifics of a region or country becoming renewable energy, water and food self-sufficient are dependent on its climate, renewable energy resources available locally and other particulars. Nevertheless, the principles behind making the San Diego/Tijuana Region sustainable can be applied worldwide. 

My larger vision is that the economic, health and environmental benefits that the San Diego/Tijuana Region will gain by becoming renewable energy, water and food self-sufficient will be so positive, that the whole world will want to emulate them. The more this happens, the greater the chances that we can bring all human activities into life-support harmony

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Earth Day

To Whom it May Concern,

Earth Day in Balboa Park is the only thing that happens in the Park that is relevant to our time and place in history. Clearly, if the human family continues to rape our planet’s life-support system, it is going to fail. Earth Day in the Park points to this and creates an exchange of ideas on how to live in our region and world in more life-support sustaining ways.

Without Earth Day, the Park’s Centennial is nothing more than clinging to the remnants of an obsolete past.


Jim Bell, www.jimbell.com

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